One of the Best Consignment Shops in Oakland County !! Est. 2006




We accept Seasonal Children's, Juniors and Women’s clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry and Coats. We specialize in CURRENT fashions – within last 2 years. They must be clean, odor-free (smoke free!), pressed and folded neatly in Shopping bags.  Please make sure ALL shoes are cleaned from all scuffs and spots, especially Tennis Shoes.

** We accept 35 - 45 pieces at one time.  You may continually drop off through the season!

* Consignment Percentage

All clothing and accessories are 60/40.  Payment may be redeemed in cash/check or store credit. You may check your account by phone or pick up your money in the store during regular business hours.

* Designer Purses (Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Coach, Tods, and many more) along with Top Name Brand Clothing  (Lululemon, Athleta, Tori Birch, Kate Spade,  along with many more titles are 50/50 of the selling price.  

** We hang, steam and sell on floor for 90 days.  All top names will not be put on sale and will remain until they sell.  

   ******    IMPORTANT      *******         IMPORTANT     ******        IMPORTANT    *******

1. PLEASE DO NOT mix Salvation Army merchandise in with drop offs! 

2. Please bring all merchandise in shopping bags that we can keep. DO NOT bring merchandise in a box or bin. NO HANGERS

3. We no longer take drop offs after 4:00 weekdays and 3:00 on Saturdays.

4. ALL GIVE-BACKS: If you want items back, PLEASE pick up if you say you will. Our closet space is beyond small. Most promised pickups never come for pickup and this causes a huge slow down process on all fronts.

5. Please do not have clothes inside out or throw them in a bag without order. Please have them nicely folded so we are able to clearly evaluate. Otherwise, we just donate.

6. Please have shoes and boots wiped and clean! (Magic Eraser is great for the whites around tennis shoes) We have donated name brand shoes and boots that we don’t take due to dirt or stains, missing the resale value. 

7.  Women's and children’s need to be in separate bags. They are priced at different areas.

                           ** THANK YOU FOR CONSIGNING WITH TWICE BLESSED!!!! **